Your most important investment since your website


Mobile Marketing

Back in 1999, 87% of businesses didn’t have a website, can you imagine that today? The same is expected with businesses and mobile apps and analysts predict that the hospitality sector will be the first to benefit and invest.

Traditionally your website will serve as you main tool in marketing to your potential guests. A lot of hotels will use late rooms, and other portals to showcase your hotel. You may even use SEO or Adwords to give you that competitive edge. These methods are all excellent and a year or two ago they were the best available. UNTIL NOW! Potential guest s can be distracted from your website in seconds nowadays and even on Google’s first page you are going to be facing stiff competition for your potential guests attention. With the hotel app you are in control of the user experience, we make the whole experience fun and easy to use.

It’s impractical to walk around with your laptop not to mention in some areas dangerous! We take our mobile phones everywhere. It always on and always with you, this mean when you have something interesting to say to your guest the hotel app makes sure they receive it instead of it ending up in their spam email box. The ability to communicate directly with your guest mobile gives you the opportunity to engage your guest and remind them of who you are.
Everyone want to feel special, like they are part of an exclusive club. When your guest download your app they are. Enhance the experience of your guest by providing them with exclusive offers, last minute deals and incentives through your app. A turning a guest into a loyal customer!
90% of emails sent are classified as spam, were do you think your e-shot ends up?

Why Mobile?

There are more smartphones than people.

There are over 23 million in the UK today

That is set to double by 2015

Your customers are trying to engage your business through mobile, wouldn’t it be a good idea to return the favour?

In the UK today if you don’t own at least one smartphone you are in the minority. There are over 23 million smartphones in the UK today and that is set to double by 2015!. By the end of this year there will be more searches on a mobile than your laptops and PC’s. Your customers are changing the way they interact with the businesses they use. Are you ready to take advantage of this?

How are you currently engaging with your customers?  E-shots, direct mail, newspaper, magazines, Facebook, twitter?  Every method can be important to the marketing of any business but isn’t everyone doing this?

Your customers are looking to the companies that offer them more; by developing a mobile app for your business you are showing yourself to be relevant in a changing world. A mobile app is the perfect way to engage your customers by letting them now what’s going on in your business at the precise time you want them to know it. Promotions and offers have never been delivered in such a precise, targeted, cost effective way before.

Back in 1997 over 85% of businesses did not have a website, the same will be said about mobile apps. Over 91% of the world top brands have a mobile app to interact with their customers and now you can to at a price that you can afford.

Regardless of what business you are, if your customers use a smartphone and you like to stay in touch with them from time to time a mobile app is a necessity not a luxury.  We can walk you through exactly how an app has helped all our clients and answer the questions that are important to you. Once we show you how specifically a mobile app can improve your profits , you be the judge.