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The team at Legacy 3 Innovations is dedicated to making a positive difference to every business that we partner with, We understand that some businesses have a clear idea of how they want their mobile app to work and some have no idea at all. Wherever your business sits we can consult and advise on exactly how a mobile app would benefit your business specifically. We offer a totally free consultation and analysis of your needs then you can be the judge. With app development anything is possible we innovate to make your app come alive at an investment that you can afford.


Our team have been developing mobile apps for the last 3 years. The app store was only launched in 2008 so in real times we have been perfecting our craft since the dawn of time! Where was we before then I here you ask? Online marketing is where our team grew up. Web design, SEO, PPC management and video production and editing is how it all started for the team at Legacy 3 Innovations. Our various skills allow us to do so much more than just develop your mobile apps so if you need us to help redesign your website, improve your natural listings on Google or help you with e-shots and ecommerce just let us know.

We believe that to stay ahead of your competition and give your customers more you need to partner with not just a web designer, a marketer or an app developer you need an innovator!  We are that company and our while our development team is improving our current offering day by day we are constantly in r & d for what’s happening next. You don’t need to be an expert in what we do, you are an expert in your business and we believe in developing partnerships. We promise to make the latest technology available to you in a way that you can understand and use on a day to day basis. The future is exciting, we don’t know where it will take us but one thing we do know, is that we are perfectly placed to take advantage of every new improved technology to help your business interact with your customers and grow.